Thursday, 30 January 2014

Threat Jihad: Islamists trying eviction of Hindu Minorities in Bangladesh by threatening letters.

Islamic Bangladesh has lost all its humanity. Now trying eviction of minority Hindus by threatening letters.Hindu Kaffirs, Leave Bangladesh - Islamists send anonymous letters.

Persecution upon Hindus in BD all time high.

Hindu Kaffirs, Leave Bangladesh – Islamists send anonymous letters.

‘Time has come,’ threat to Satkhira Hindus 

Hindu families receive anonymous letters threatening eviction. 

Dhaka Tribune  Correspondent | updated on January 29, 2014 |  Satkhira, Bangladesh::  “Time has come to leave your homes immediately,” that’s the message 20 Hindu families received as a threat in anonymous letters, in Satkhira Sadar, Tuesday afternoon.
“You have been living here for a long time. Not anymore. Whether you have to sell your domain or just abandon, the time has come for you to leave it immediately,” the letters said.
Some of the receipients were lawyers.
Satkhira is known to be a stronghold of the Jamaat-e-Islami and is listed as one of the “vulnerable” areas of the country where specialised forces are currently cracking down.
The families are living in fear after these hand-written letters were delivered to their homes, located adjacent to Judge Court in Palashpole in town, via post.
“This time you have been told nicely. But the next time there will not be any niceities.”
The letters were posted from Manobadhikar Sangha Satkhira (a local human-rights association by translation), according to what could be read from the envelopes.
The ones who received the letters were Rabin Sarker, Kamalesh Ghosh, Advocates Raghunath Mondal, Tapan Kundu, Tapan Das, Arpan Sarkar, and Kanti Lal Sarker, Swapan Sana, Proshenjit Chakrabarty, Sanatan Shil, Bappa Dey, Tapan Swarnakar, Samir Karmakar, Dulal Sarker, Sharbindu Mondal, Chitralekha Basu, Sona, Bimal Mondal, Mangal Sarkar and others.
Satkhira Sadar police station Officer-in-Charge Enamul Haque said no one filed a written complaint in this regard. “But, we are looking into the matter.”
The Hindu minority community came under attack immediately after the elections held on January 5, what was condemned by national and international quarters.

Leave Bangladesh, Satkhira Hindus told

Satkhira Correspondent | | January 29, 2014::  Thirty Hindu families in Satkhira district have been threatened with dire consequences if they do not leave Bangladesh. Each family living opposite the Judges’ Court at Palashpole received a letter each on Tuesday, asking them to leave.
They, however, did not file any complaint with the police until late on Tuesday night.
Satkhira Sadar Police Station OC Enamul Haq said they were investigating.
The Jamaat-e-Islami had unleashed massive violence in the district after their leaders were awarded death or life sentences by the war crimes tribunals.
That continued until the Jan 5 polls.
Security forces started raiding such locations in Satkhira district where violence had taken place, specially areas where minorities had been targetted.
Several Jamaat and some BNP activists have been killed during purported encounters with the security forces.
Lawyers and government officials belonging to Hindu community have received these threat letters.
Manabadhikar Sangha Satkhira has been mentioned as senders on the envelopes.
The language on all the letters was same and they were all hand-written.
The seal on the envelopes indicate they were posted from Khulna.
Several of those who received the letters told that they would go to the police, seeking security.
OC Enamul told “Nobody has yet complained to the police station about this. We are investigating it.”
Courtesy: Posting by hinduexistence on January 29, 2014

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Six Muslim youths gang-raped a minor girl at river-side while returning from an religious meeting.

Six Muslims gang-raped a minor a girl after hearing an Islamic Jalsa. Arrested one accused sent in 5-day police custody others at large.

Islam Around Us Bureau | Raiganj | West Bengal (India) | 24 January 2014:: West Bengal Police last night arrested one Mohammad Kalu, one of the accused in the gangrape of a girl in Chakulia police station area of North Dinajpur, a northern district of the State.

Kalu was today produced before the court of the Chief Judicial Magistrate, Islampur. The court sent him in five days’ police remand. Five other accused are still on the run.

Six Muslim men allegedly raped the girl on the night of 16 January when she was returning home after attending a 'Islamic jalsa’ programme in the next village. They took the victims at a solitary field and left her finally at a riverside. 

Muslim clerics delivered in that Islamic Jasla (Overnight Religious Meeting of Muslims) about the right status of women in Islam and to use all Muslim girls and women for a holy enjoyment as permitted in Islam and to use them as birth giving mechanism.

In that 'Jalsa' the importance of early marriage was also discussed and told to follow the path of Prophet Mohammad who even used to sex with adolescent Ayisha and used to rub his male organ in the thighs of Ayaisha ( Mufa' Khathat ) as her vagina was too small in that tender age to insert the huge penis of Mohammad. (Read here : Muhammad and Aisha sexual relationship Revisited ).

The Muslim audiences enjoyed those holy discourses and boosted with sex and Mohammad Kalu and his other five fiends targeted Rina (name changed), a voluptuous girl present there to hear the sensual discourses of Islamic preachers.

Mohammad Kalu and his five other friends all wearing Islamic cap and out and out shown religious allegedly intercepted her (Rina’s) path, took her to a nearby riverside field and gangraped her. The girl lodged a complaint at Chakulia police station against the six persons of her village on 22 January.

A senior member of the North Dinajpur CPI-M committee, Mr Subir Biswas, said incidents of eve teasing and rape have become common in the state these days, while he claimed that the police have remained mere spectators.

As a matter of fact the Bengali Muslim are turned violent to seduce, harass, molest, rape, abduct the non Muslim girls and women  after being irritated by the Muslim Clerics in Islamic Jalsa, but sometimes they feel uncontrolled to play a same side game.  In this present case Rina is a same side victim of her religious Muslim brothers gang-raped her.

“The girl was raped around 10 days ago and despite the complaint filed with them, police tried to cover up the incident,” Mr Biswas alleged.

He added that police arrested one of the men only after the rape news hogged the headlines. He said police fear making the other arrests in the case.

“We, all Left Front members, will tomorrow visit the village where we will hold a meeting and chart out a protest programme against the incident,” Mr Biswas said.

SDPO of Islampur, Subimal Pal said the police have taken initiatives to arrest the remaining five accused in the case.

After all these, Islamic clerics defended the rapists as they were badly attracted by the voluptuous breasts and over-ripped heaps of Rina who could not ‘pardah’ (did not hide her face and body under burqa) in a proper way. If Rina put herself undercover an Islamic veil, the gang-rape would not be possible as told from a local mosque. 

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Taliban Calls Kabul Cafe Attack Retaliation for a Strike That Killed Civilians.

Taliban Calls Kabul Cafe Attack Retaliation for a Strike That Killed Civilians.

KABUL | Afghanistan | 18 jan 2014 ::  The Taliban claimed responsibility on Saturday for an attack the day before on a popular Kabul cafe that killed 21 people, mostly Western civilians, saying it was in retaliation for a coalition airstrike on Wednesday in which a number of Afghan civilians had died in a village north of Kabul.

In their statement, the Taliban said they picked a restaurant frequented by “high-ranking foreigners” where alcohol was served. The attack, one of the most significant on Western civilians since the start of the war in 2001, struck at the heart of one of Kabul’s most secure districts, very close to many embassies and coalition military bases.

Western officials questioned the Taliban’s stated motive for the coordinated attack, which occurred just two days after the airstrike and would have required extensive planning. A suicide bomber cleared a path for two gunmen who stormed in and fired on diners, the police said.

The dead included the representative of the International Monetary Fund in Afghanistan, the United Nations’ senior political affairs officer here and a British Labour Party candidate for the European Parliament who had been working in Afghanistan. Two Americans working at the American University in Afghanistan were also killed in the attack, the university said in a statement on Saturday.The attack was in retaliation to the massacre carried out by foreign invaders two days earlier in Parwan Province’s Siyah Gerd district, where the enemy airstrikes destroyed up to 10 homes, razed several orchards as well as killing and wounding up to 30 innocent civilians, mostly defenseless women and children,” the Taliban statement said.

The international coalition, the United Nations, diplomats and Afghans quickly offered condolences and condemnations over both attacks. Later, President Hamid Karzai, whose relationship with the Americans has been strained in recent months by negotiations over a long-term security contract, expressed sympathy for the victims of the cafe attack but also seemed to use the airstrike to criticize his NATO allies over the issue of civilian casualties.

“The war on terror will bear fruit when victims and terrorists are distinguished from each other and the elements of terror are fought against,” said Mr. Karzai, who appointed a committee to investigate the civilian casualties from the airstrike. “If NATO, led by the United States, wants to be the Afghan people’s ally, they should target terrorism.”

An American military official said that the airstrike had been called in by Afghan and American forces who were under fire from Taliban fighters. “The operation was requested by the Afghans and approved by the Afghans,” the official said.

“More than 80 percent of Afghan civilian casualties are caused — in most cases intentionally — by Taliban, Haqqani and other terrorist and insurgent groups,” the official added.

The Ministry of the Interior, which oversees the Afghan police, suspended the commander and intelligence officer in charge of the district where the restaurant is and placed them under investigation.

Kabul appeared to return to normal on Saturday, with a slightly heavier police presence visible along its traffic-choked streets, especially near where the cafe attack occurred. While bombings are not uncommon in Kabul, the extent of the damage and the targeting of Western civilians raised alarms.

Some international organizations tightened security, clamping down on the modest freedom of movement enjoyed by foreigners working in Kabul. United Nations officials, meeting privately, vowed not to adopt a “bunker mentality” in response to the attacks, which claimed the lives of four of its personnel, including two from the United Nations Children’s Fund.
( Courtesy : The New york Times )

Two dead, six injured in Karachi violence.

Two dead, six injured in Karachi violence.

KARACHI | Dawn | 18 Jan 2014 :: Two people, including a woman, were killed and six others were injured in incidents of violence in Karachi, DawnNews reported on Saturday
In the city's Liaquatabad area, a woman was killed in an incident of firing, whereas a man who was injured during a shooting in Gulbahar succumbed to his injuries during treatment at a hospital.
Meanwhile, in Karachi's Lyari Town, six people were injured in a hand grenade attack in Khadda market on Saturday. The wounded were shifted to a nearby hospital for treatment.
Following the hand grenade attack, fear and panic gripped the area and shops and business were closed.
Karachi, the largest metropolitan city of Pakistan, is riddled with targeted killings, gang wars, kidnappings for ransom, extortion and terrorism. Targeted operations led by Rangers’ forces with the support of police are ongoing in the city under a directive issued by the federal government against criminals already identified by federal, military and civilian agencies.
Earlier on Thursday, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif also declared that the operation launched in Karachi by law enforcement agencies would continue because the government was fully committed to restoring peace in the restive city.
Expressing satisfaction over the ongoing operation against criminal elements and outlaws in Karachi, he had said efforts to bring normality to the city would continue.( Courtesy : )

Sunday, 5 January 2014

At least 18 killed in Bangladesh election violence.

At least 18 killed in Bangladesh election violence.

Bangladeshi police detain a suspect following an
 attack on a polling station in the northern town of
 Photo: AFP/Getty Images
David Bergman in Dhaka and Dean Nelson in New Delhi | The Telegraph | 05 Jan 2014 ::  Bangladesh's opposition has called a new 48-hour general strike to protest at the killing of its supporters by police during a violence-plagued general election More than eighteen protesters have been shot dead in polling day violence through Bangladesh as security forces clashed with opposition groups boycotting the general election.
More than 100 polling stations — most of them in local schools - were set on fire on the eve of the election and voting was, according to the election commission, suspended in nearly 400 voting centres.
Police said they had opened fire on opposition activists launching arson attacks on the election and attempting to sabotage the poll by stealing ballot papers. One auxillary police officer was also beaten to death by opposition supporters.The violence could well continue after the opposition announced it will continue its general strike for a further 48 hours.
Bangladesh Nationalist Party and 20 other other opposition parties boycotted the election in protest at the government’s 2011 decision not to hand over to a neutral caretaker administration — a break with long-standing practice.
Sheikh Hasina’s Awami League government has resisted international pressure to delay the election and find a compromise to allow all opposition parties to participate. The European Union and other international organisations declined to monitor the election because of the scale of the boycott.
Despite the violence and sabotage, elections were held in 147 of the countries 300 constituencies but the government was already guaranteed victory because its candidates were unopposed in the rest of them.
Badiul Majumdar, secretary of Sujan, a civil society governance movement told the Telegraph the election was “unacceptable.” 'This is an unacceptable election and the government’s moral authority will never be lower. Either the government can initiate dialogue with opposition for another election [or] try and stay in power and then the government will have to apply force and history shows that nobody can stay in power long when their moral position is weak. This will only complicate situation, make the violence more widespread,” he said.
Tofail Ahmed, a senior Awami League figure, said the party was satisfied with the election and would now form a new government.( courtesy : The Telegraph )

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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Taliban attack kills NATO soldier in Afghanistan.

Taliban attack kills NATO soldier in Afghanistan.

Taliban attacked a joint Nato-Afghan base in eastern
 Afghanistan killing one NATO soldier, according to
 officials. (File photo: Reuters)
Kabul | Al Arabiya | 05 Jan 2014 :: Officials say a Taliban attack on a joint NATO-Afghan base in eastern Afghanistan has killed one NATO soldier.
Spokesman Ahmad Zia Abdulzai in Nangarhar province says the attack took place on Saturday morning when a suicide bomber struck outside the base in the province’s Ghani Khail district.
After that, five Taliban fighters on foot tried to storm the base. Abdulzai says Afghan and NATO troops returned fire, killing the attackers.
NATO said a service member had died following a suicide bombing in eastern Afghanistan. The alliance did not identify the soldier’s nationality.
Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid claimed responsibility for the attack in an email to the media.
Afghan insurgents have intensified attacks recently in a campaign to regain territory as foreign forces prepare to leave at the end of 2014.( Courtesy : Al Arabiya )

100 die as Iraq forces battle Al Qaeda.

Over 100 die as Iraq forces battle Al Qaeda.

Gunmen walk in the streets of the city of Falluja, 50 km
 (31 miles) west of Baghdad January 3, 2014. Sunni
Muslim tribesmen backed by Iraqi troops fought al
 Qaeda-linked militants for control of Iraq's western
 province of Anbar on Friday. — Photo by Reuters
RAMADI | AFP | Iraq | 05 Jan 2014 :: More than 100 people were killed on Friday as Iraqi police and tribesmen battled Al Qaeda-linked militants who took over parts of two Anbar provincial cities, announcing one an Islamic state.
Parts of Ramadi and Fallujah, west of Baghdad, have been held by militants for days, harkening back to the years after the 2003 US-led invasion when both cities were insurgent strongholds.
Fighting began in the Ramadi area on Monday, when security forces removed the main anti-government protest camp set up after demonstrations broke out in late 2012 against what Sunni Arabs say is the targeting of their community.
Anger at the government among the Sunni minority is seen as one of the main drivers of the worst violence to hit Iraq in five years.
Police and tribesmen fought in Ramadi and Fallujah on Friday against militants from Al Qaeda-linked group the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), which operates in Iraq and Syria, security officials said.
At least 32 civilians and 71 ISIL fighters died in the clashes, the officials said, adding that they did not know how many police and tribesmen were killed.
Fallujah was the target of two assaults after the 2003 US-led invasion, in which American forces saw some of their heaviest fighting since the Vietnam War.( Courtesy : Dawn )

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Muslim deaf & dumb juveniles are kept chained in rural Bengal: Report.

Chained in ropes and shackles for years. Inhumane treatment to deaf and dumb juveniles in Muslim families of rural Bengal.

Rana Ray from Krishnanagar (4th December 2013):: It is obviously inhumane and utter injustice to put some juveniles in ropes or shackles as they are challenged persons, very unfortunately. But, in a Muslim village of Sahebdanga near Shantipur (in Nadia, West Bengal, India)  it is an Islamic fashion to put the Deaf and Dumb or mentally incapacitated juveniles in chain as they are simply uncontrollable or misunderstood sometime.  

Take the story of cute Arfin of just 6 years. When the boy was detected with some IQ deficiency and had some problems related to speech, his father Ameer Ali and mother Khadeja Bibi decided to keep little Arfin aged only three years, tied with a rope made of cloth.

Though the doctors of Krishnanagar State General Hospital categorically say to the parents of Arfin that Arfin has no major problem at all, the parents of the boy have been keeping tied the boy as an animal kept in the yard. No neighbour of Arfin never contradicted the matter as the villagers of the Muslim dominated village of Sahebdanga think that some ghosts are entered into all physically challenged persons like deaf & dumb, men and women affected to hysteria or mental patients. So, they are actually mad or insane and they should not be kept free anyway. Consequently, Arfin has to continue his up-growing in a hard tie of some ropes made of thick jute yarns. The most of the time Arfin passes his time beside a window tied with knot in the grill of window. Even in night sometime his father ties Arfin with another rope with the stands of the cot where Arfin sleeps. 

In the Mallick family headed by a Muslim daily labour Ahamed Mallik of the same village, has another story. Three deaf and dumb members of this family are kept chained with rope. Asif (son of Ahamed, 19 yrs) and two daughters of Ahamed named Mansura (16 yrs) and Ansura (12 yrs), all have been kept chained in ropes since their tender age of 3 or 4 yrs. This locality of Saheb Para is also known as 'pagla bandha para' or 'chained mad area'. 

Actually the numbers of physically challenged person in Bengal are maximum of Muslims family. By the grace of Allah, the number of criminals in Bengal are highest also from Muslim community. As a matter of fact the eunuchs and prostitutes are heading fast from the same Muslim community. This is a big reality for Indian sub-continent and partially true for the rest of the world.

Anyway, the matter of gross violation of Child Rights in a persecutor mode by chaining physically challenged in Muslim villages in Bengal rocks the rights forum to some extent. The Paschimbanga Rajya Pratibondhi Sammilani  (A Forum of Physically Challenged Person in West Bengal)  is about to send a fact finding team to Sahebdanga-Uttarpara Muslim village to investigate the matter, as per reports came last.

But, it is obvious that the West Bengal state authority and police are reluctant to look into the matter. They think that strict action against such convention (read superstitions) of Muslim, may invite further communal commotion.  Inshallah!

[from an input of ABP].

Arrest head of Qaeda.

Lebanese troops arrest head of Qaeda-linked group

The 'emir' of the Abdullah Azzam Brigades was arrested
 by the intelligence services of the Lebanese
 army in Beirut. (File photo: Reuters)
Al Arabiya News |1st jan 2013 :: Lebanese troops arrested the leader of the al-Qaeda-linked group responsible for a double suicide bombing at the Iranian embassy in Lebanon in November, the defense minister told Agence France-Presse on Wednesday.
Maged al-Maged, the "emir" of the Abdullah Azzam Brigades, "was arrested by the intelligence services of the Lebanese army in Beirut," Defense Minister Fayez Ghosn said, without specifying when the arrest took place.
"He was wanted by the Lebanese authorities and is currently being interrogated in secret," the minister added.
On Wednesday, Sirajeddin Zreikat, member of the Sunni Muslim extremist group, appeared to have had his Twitter account suspended.
Zreikat has claimed responsibility for attack on the Iranian embassy in Beirut which killed 25 people.
He also warned there would be more attacks in Lebanon, if Hezbollah continued to send troops to support President Bashar al-Assad's regime in Syria's on going civil war.
In an interview with Al Arabiya News on the day of the embassy attack, former Iranian President Abolhassan Banisadr said “What is happening in Syria is an international war, all regional parties are involved. Iran, Lebanon and Turkey are heavily involved,” adding that the “Syrian and Lebanese people are the victims of this global war.”(Courtesy : Al Arabiya )