Saturday, 25 January 2014

Six Muslim youths gang-raped a minor girl at river-side while returning from an religious meeting.

Six Muslims gang-raped a minor a girl after hearing an Islamic Jalsa. Arrested one accused sent in 5-day police custody others at large.

Islam Around Us Bureau | Raiganj | West Bengal (India) | 24 January 2014:: West Bengal Police last night arrested one Mohammad Kalu, one of the accused in the gangrape of a girl in Chakulia police station area of North Dinajpur, a northern district of the State.

Kalu was today produced before the court of the Chief Judicial Magistrate, Islampur. The court sent him in five days’ police remand. Five other accused are still on the run.

Six Muslim men allegedly raped the girl on the night of 16 January when she was returning home after attending a 'Islamic jalsa’ programme in the next village. They took the victims at a solitary field and left her finally at a riverside. 

Muslim clerics delivered in that Islamic Jasla (Overnight Religious Meeting of Muslims) about the right status of women in Islam and to use all Muslim girls and women for a holy enjoyment as permitted in Islam and to use them as birth giving mechanism.

In that 'Jalsa' the importance of early marriage was also discussed and told to follow the path of Prophet Mohammad who even used to sex with adolescent Ayisha and used to rub his male organ in the thighs of Ayaisha ( Mufa' Khathat ) as her vagina was too small in that tender age to insert the huge penis of Mohammad. (Read here : Muhammad and Aisha sexual relationship Revisited ).

The Muslim audiences enjoyed those holy discourses and boosted with sex and Mohammad Kalu and his other five fiends targeted Rina (name changed), a voluptuous girl present there to hear the sensual discourses of Islamic preachers.

Mohammad Kalu and his five other friends all wearing Islamic cap and out and out shown religious allegedly intercepted her (Rina’s) path, took her to a nearby riverside field and gangraped her. The girl lodged a complaint at Chakulia police station against the six persons of her village on 22 January.

A senior member of the North Dinajpur CPI-M committee, Mr Subir Biswas, said incidents of eve teasing and rape have become common in the state these days, while he claimed that the police have remained mere spectators.

As a matter of fact the Bengali Muslim are turned violent to seduce, harass, molest, rape, abduct the non Muslim girls and women  after being irritated by the Muslim Clerics in Islamic Jalsa, but sometimes they feel uncontrolled to play a same side game.  In this present case Rina is a same side victim of her religious Muslim brothers gang-raped her.

“The girl was raped around 10 days ago and despite the complaint filed with them, police tried to cover up the incident,” Mr Biswas alleged.

He added that police arrested one of the men only after the rape news hogged the headlines. He said police fear making the other arrests in the case.

“We, all Left Front members, will tomorrow visit the village where we will hold a meeting and chart out a protest programme against the incident,” Mr Biswas said.

SDPO of Islampur, Subimal Pal said the police have taken initiatives to arrest the remaining five accused in the case.

After all these, Islamic clerics defended the rapists as they were badly attracted by the voluptuous breasts and over-ripped heaps of Rina who could not ‘pardah’ (did not hide her face and body under burqa) in a proper way. If Rina put herself undercover an Islamic veil, the gang-rape would not be possible as told from a local mosque. 

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