Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Angry Allah follower wanted to behead Jail Officer in Britain.

Prison guard rescued after kidnap by terrorist jailed for plot to behead a soldier

By Andy Lines > 28 May 2013 > Courtesy: Daily Record UK > 

WARDER is freed by riot officers but left injured after Al-Qaeda fanatic
Parviz Khan and two fellow inmates hold him hostage for five hours.

Parviz Khan was angry at being asked to pray for soldier
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AFP/Getty Images
A TERRIFIED prison officer was kidnapped and held hostage by the evil terrorist who inspired the horrific killing of Drummer Lee Rigby.

Al-Qaeda fanatic Parviz Khan was jailed for life for a plot to behead a soldier.

He held the warder captive for almost five hours inside one of Britain’s toughest prisons.

Khan took the officer hostage with two fellow extremists and told him he would be killed. But the warder was freed after an armed riot team was called in to Full Sutton jail and overpowered the men. The officer was left badly injured.

Authorities have linked the attack with Drummer Rigby’s killing in Woolwich last week.

Just 48 hours before the attack, Khan reacted furiously when the prison imam called for inmates to pray for Rigby.

Seething with rage Khan, 41, stood up and insisted the Woolwich murder was justified.

He and two prisoners – an African born fanatic and a white English convert – then plotted to ambush the prison officer.

They seized their chance on Sunday when they bundled him into a cleaning room in the category A part of the jail near York.

They barricaded the door and battered the officer with mop handles.

A source at the jail said: “It was inspired by the terrible death of Lee Rigby.

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