Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Islamic pleasure of Molestation in Saudi Arabia.

Working women should be molested: Saudi writer.

Muslim Writer campaigning against moves to bring women into mixed-gender work environments...

  • By Abeer Allam and Michael Peel, Financial Times
  • Published: 12:22 May 29, 2013 || Courtesy Gulf News. 

  • Saudi writer Abdullah Mohammad Al Dawood likes
    of women in working place
    Abu Dhabi: A Saudi writer has urged his Twitter followers to sexually molest women hired to work as cashiers in big grocery stores, the latest backlash from conservatives who want to roll back limited social and economic reforms launched in Saudi Arabia.

    Abdullah Mohammad Al Dawood, who writes self-help books including one called The Joy of Talking, has stirred fierce debate this week via the internet microblogging service with the use of the hashtag harass_female_cashiers, to press for Saudi women to be forced to stay at home to protect their chastity.

    His campaign against official moves to encourage women to work in mixed gender environments has led some Twitter users to denounce him. Others however applauded him as a fighter against government efforts to westernise and corrupt the country.

    More than half a million Saudi Arabian nationals, including unprecedented if still modest numbers of women, have surged into the country’s private sector since late 2011 under a government-driven programme aimed at turning the Gulf giant’s sclerotic non-oil economy into a regional powerhouse.
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