Thursday, 5 September 2013

Egyptian interior minister survives car bombing.

Egyptian interior minister survives car bombing.

Mohammed Ibrahim targeted in attack on convoy in Cairo’s Nasr City district, a stronghold of the Muslim Brotherhood; several injuries reported

Site of the targeted attack of the Egyptian interior
 minister September 5, 2013. (Photo credit: Twitter)
CAIRO | 05 Sep 2013 :: Egypt’s interior minister says his convoy was targeted by a “large” explosive device that was likely detonated by remote control on Thursday.
Speaking on state television after Thursday’s attack in an eastern Cairo district, a clearly shaken but unscathed Mohammed Ibrahim said the explosion targeted his own car. He says four other cars in the convoy were damaged.
Ibrahim said two police officers in the convoy were in serious condition and that a child who was near the explosion suffered a serious leg injury.
Security officials said six passers-by were injured in the attack, but that there were no fatalities. The blast damaged several cars parked on the street and shattered the windows of several nearby apartment buildings.
The Interior Minister is in charge of the country’s police force.
The Qatari news network Al-Jazeera tweeted the following picture it says is from the site of the attack . (Courtesy:The Times of Israel)Read More>>>

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