Saturday, 1 June 2013

Karachi: hospitals are as dangerous as its streets.

In Karachi, hospitals are as dangerous as its streets.
A wall next to Jinnah hospital's Emergency Ward
Executive Director's office. The wall was sprayed 

with bullets when a fight broke out between two 
rival groups who came to the hospital for treatment. 
— Photos by Shameen Khan/Dawn.
KARACHI | 01 June 2013:: Riots, target killings, bombs – Karachi has seen it all. Behind the scenes, responsible for damage control are the doctors and paramedical staff who work around the clock to keep up a semblance of normalcy in the city’s chaotic emergency wards.Apart from the large number patients that flock the hospitals in a city teeming with over 18 million people, the emergency departments have a whole other problem to face: The constant danger and threats faced by the medical staff. Read More>>>
[Courtesy: Dawn].

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