Sunday, 2 June 2013

Iraq hit by worst violence

Iraq hit by worst violence since 2008.

Figures for the May death toll ranged from more than 600,
according to the government to more than 1,000, according 

to the United Nations, either of which would make the 
violence the deadliest since 2008.—AP/File Photo
BAGHDAD | 01 June 2013:: The worst violence since 2008 hit Iraq in May, raising fears of all-out sectarian strife, as political leaders were to meet on Saturday for talks on persistent disputes that have paralysed the government.
Authorities have failed to bring the wave of unrest under control, and have so far not addressed the underlying political issues that analysts say are driving the attacks, while the UN envoy to Iraq has warned that the violence is “ready to explode”.
Figures for the May death toll ranged from more than 600, according to the government, to more than 1,000, according to the United Nations, either of which would make the violence the deadliest since 2008. Read more>>>
[Courtesy: Dawn]. 

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