Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Briton Dies In Taliban Suicide Blast In Kabul.

Briton Dies In Taliban Suicide Blast In Kabul.

The security contractor was among seven killed when a suicide bomber drove a truck packed with explosives into a Nato compound.

A Taliban truck bomb has killed at least seven
people in the Afghan capital, including a British man.

UK | 03 Jul 2013 :: a British man has died in a Taliban suicide bombing in Afghanistan, the Foreign Office has said.
Security contractor Mark Duffus, 41, was among seven people killed when a suicide bomber drove a small truck packed with explosives to the outer gate of a Nato compound in Kabul.
Mr Duffus was one of five security guards killed in the blast in the early hours of Tuesday morning.
"We are providing consular assistance to his family at this difficult time," a Foreign Office spokeswoman said.
Two truck drivers waiting to enter the compound also died along with the bomber, according to Kabul police chief Mohammad Ayoub Salangi.
After the blast, four gunmen stormed into the breach and engaged in an hour-long gunbattle with security guards and police.
The attackers were all killed, the interior ministry said.
The bomb left a large crater in the ground, and reduced walls and a guard post to a pile of rubble.
The Taliban claimed responsibility for the bombing, the latest in a series of bold attacks on high-profile targets in the Afghan capital.
The attacks have driven home that the Taliban have no intention of ending the violence, even though they have indicated they are willing to talk peace and have opened an office in Qatar for that purpose.(Courtesy:Sky News)

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