Friday, 5 July 2013

Egypt Coup: Three Killed As Army Opens Fire.

Egypt Coup: Three Killed As Army Opens Fire.

Supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi are shot during a march in Cairo - but the army insists troops were firing blanks.

Protesters carry away an injured man in Cairo
UK |05 Jul 2013 :: Three people have been shot dead after Egyptian troops opened fire in a stand-off with demonstrators.
Violence erupted as supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi marched on the Cairo headquarters of the Republican Guard chanting "down with military rule".
Thousands of people streamed towards the barracks after a Muslim Brotherhood rally at the city's Rabea al Adaweya mosque.
Shots were fired as protesters hung pictures of Mr Morsi on a barbed wire barrier around the military complex, although a spokesman for the Egyptian army said troops were using only blank rounds.
Soldiers were pelted with stones and responded by firing tear gas into the crowd.
Sky's Middle East correspondent Sam Kiley, who is in Cairo, said shotguns had been used on the ground. He saw several people injured and said live rounds had "certainly" been used.
He spoke to one man whose clothes were apparently stained with the blood of a victim and said the atmosphere was "tense", with the headquarters likely to become a "magnet" for supporters of Mr Morsi.
He added: "The demonstrators know that their only chance to retain the high ground is to maintain the stance of non-violence.
"There are clearly hotheads within the crowd who did try it on with the Republican Guard."
Egypt's health ministry has confirmed three people were killed at the army headquarters.
It came after the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies called for protesters to take to the streets on the Muslim day of prayer for what it described as a "Friday of Rage".
The Egyptian army positioned its tanks and troops outside the presidential palace in Cairo, blocking access to protesters. There have been smaller-scale clashes way from the capital, with protesters taking on police in Alexandria.
The leader of the country's Muslim Brotherhood later vowed to restore Mr Morsi to power, saying the country will not accept "military rule" for another day.
General Guide Mohammed Badie was speaking to a crowd of tens of thousands of Morsi supporters in Cairo as a military helicopter circled low overhead.
Addressing the military, he said "your leader is Morsi" and demanded that they stick to their pledge of loyalty to the deposed president.(Courtesy:The Sky News)

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