Sunday, 7 July 2013

Pakistan: Police kill three Christian boys for having love affairs with Muslim girls.

Pakistan: Police kill three Christian boys for having love affairs with Muslim girls.

Islamic law forbids Muslim women to marry non-Muslim men, although Muslim men may marry non-Muslim women.
And remember always: this is not hate. It only becomes hate when non-Muslims write about it.
Spelling and grammar as in the original: "3 Christian Boys Were Killed by Police Due to Love Affair with Muslim Girls," by Shahzad Nafat for Christians in Pakistan, July 6 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):
April 2013 up till now three Christian boys were killed by police due to love affair with Muslim girls. Afzal Masih s/o khadam 20 years old his cousin Ifftikhar Masih S/o. Amanat Masih 20 Moran Walla Sharkpur on 29th April 2013. On 10th of June Adnan Masih S/o. Riaz Masih was also tortured by Punjab police and killed him without any written complaint.
Now yesterday Farhad Masih 16 Years old Shibli town Gulshan Ravi Lahore was arrested by the Complaint (FIR) 579/13.PPC, 380/496 A. of Sakina Bibi mother of Rabia 16 Years old. The Local Muslims try to burnt Farhad’s house and willing to loot his house.

We observed that in this cases police constable and Investigation officers miss behaving with non Muslims and abusing them as well as threaten them about the love relation with Muslim Girls.
They think ‘ that only Islam allowed Muslim male about Love affairs and married with non Muslims which is noble cause’ But it’s sin and non bail able offense if any non Muslim love with Muslim girl. Please pray for Farhad Masih’s life. Who is under investigation of S P. Iqbal town Lahore?
Yesterday evening once again local Muslims build huge protest against Christians and try to burn that street. Some Muslims announced the save way which is only to change their religion. Some of them jumped and play positive role to convert only Farhad Masih who has his own Rickshaw and own property. Due to huge pressure the S. P. Iqbal town Imtiaz Sarwar serenaded and made condition of life safety of Farhad Masih and his family. The conditions are under as.
1. Farhad Should be a Muslim.
2. He should pay 500000 (half) to his wife.
3. He should pay 2000 to his wife every month.
4. He can meet his parents but not allowed to live.
5. If he become Christian then should be killed. The parents hasn’t right to move any petition to any court.(Courtesy:Jihad Watch)

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